Kingdom Machinery Ilsa Sensene UK

"A new solvent from Dow-Safechem, Sensene™, made its debut at the Texcare show in Frankfurt, with Kingdom Machinery ready to introduce it to the UK market. It has been greeted as a revolutionary step forward in the development of a sustainable future of textile cleaning in an industry which is being challenged about its environmental credentials. With a Kb value higher than any other on the market, it immediately caught the attention of an industry eager to make environmental improvements, without compromising cleaning performance. Kingdom Machinery is set to introduce the new solvent to the UK market in an exclusive deal and are delighted, that after extensive testing the chemical is ready to be launched. Michael McLaughlin of Kingdom says: “Kingdom Machinery is once again at the forefront of a significant and exciting announcement.” A spokesperson from Dow-Safechem, rather poetically outlined the challenge facing any chemical manufacturer aiming to knock perc off its pedestal: “Wouldn’t it be great to experience textile cleaning with all your senses? Seeing bright colours, feeling a great touch of the textiles and smelling a clean scent? All while supporting your sense for business and for the environment?”

Kingdom Machiney SENSENE